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Ghana considers imposing tax on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other instant messaging platforms. Government of Ghana claims that now most Ghanaian citizens prioritize interaction via social media platforms but the state earns less revenue from traditional phone calls and text messages. This news was sighted by from DW Africa’s official Facebook handle.

Meanwhile, Uganda a sister African country is already accumulating taxes from social media users.

This proposal emanates not at a better time than when the campaign for #FIXTHECOUNTRY is gaining much momentum on social media precisely twitter, due to what the the citizens label as growing dissatisfaction over rising cost of living in the West African Country. Should the Ghana government really tax social media usage or not? Humbly, your thoughts are welcomed.


Source: Ghana News Agency (GNA)

It is that period of the year again. As Homowo celebration approaches the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) brings it to the notice of the public that ban on drumming and noise making commences in Accra or Ga-Lands on 10th May 2021 and ends 10th June 2021. During this period, the usual form of worship should be confined to the premises of churches or mosques for that matter noise levels should be minimized to the least for the interest of the public and national security, the AMA said in a statement signed by Gilbert Nii Ankrah, Head of Public Affairs of the AMA by which copies were sent to Ghana News Agency on Thursday May 6, 2021 and got sighted by

Religious bodies are therefore urged to adhere to this by according the maximum respect to the Traditional Authorities of Ga which shouldn’t create the avenue for inflammatory/derogatory remarks about the beliefs of one another.

The notice said “apart from an identifiable task force involving the inclusion of AMA personnel, Ghana Police Service and representatives from the Ga Traditional Councils with tags, no other group or person should be seen enforcing the abatement of noise in the metropolis of Accra”.

However, the notice reminded the public to strictly adhere to all COVID-19 protocols during this span to aid militate against the spread of the pandemic.


Source : Peace FM

Kwame Baffoe a.k.a Abronye DC, Chairman of NPP for Bono Region admonishes the National Security must fix eagle eyes on the campaigners of the #FixTheCountry demonstration which is topping Twitter Trends in Ghana of late. One could witness that Twitter has been very much alive this recent weeks following what the citizens claimed as hardship amidst high costs of living and other activities which seems not normal in the country Ghana.

Abronye DC claims these campaigners have the mindset of “coup plotters” which doubles as a threat to the nation, Ghana. He was heard saying “National Security must start investigating them since they have the mindset of staging a coup, the conveners of #FixTheCountry demonstration are planning something” he said this in an interview of Neat FM’s morning show “Ghana Montie”.

Meanwhile, the Accra Police Command after securing a restraining order from an Accra High Court which was presided over by Justice Ruby Aryeetey indicated that they cannot grant permit of the progress of the march although they have received the campaigners’ letter due the affidavit filed by the police against the Campaigners of the protest marching in accordance to Section 1 (6) of the Public Order Act, 1994 (Act 491).

He cited cited a familiar instance of Nigeria’s “A similar demonstration happened in Nigeria and later authorities found out that the conveners were coup plotters. We won’t allow this to happen in this country”. For more updates stay tuned.


Press release by National Teaching Council, Ghana.

Source: National Teaching Council’s Official Facebook Handle

The National Teaching Council of Ghana, the body responsible of registration and issuing of license to qualified teachers in Ghana quite some time ago in a press release which got monitored by, admonished all in-service teachers to register for their teacher portal on the NTC website to be able to build their teacher portfolio which also doubled as a step to acquiring their licenses.

NTC Ghana thereby, set the deadline for the registration to be Friday 7th of May, 2021, however, NTC via their official Facebook handle “National Teaching Council” suspended the registration deadline indefinitely by issuing a press release dated 22nd April 2021 after having consulted some relevant stake holders of the state. However, NTC Ghana also used the opportunity to bring to the notice of the public saying “the issuance of license to qualified in-service teachers will begin in Greater Accra on the 12 of May, 2021 and later proceed to other regions”

This press release has been in circulation for a quite long now which others deemed as fake but can confirm that this a valid press release after running some checks. All qualified in-service teachers who are yet to access the portal can now relax their nerves a bit and do a thorough exercise. One can start the registration by clicking by smartphones etc. Stay tuned for more updates.


Ghanaian Gospel Musician, Evangelist Diana Asamoah has apologized to Ga Traditional Council for the prior comments she made against the celebration of Homowo Festival by the Ga’s as she seems to be in hot waters with the Ga Mantse and the Traditional Council. Monitoring her official website ( by it could be seen that the embattled singer wrote ” Ga Mantse and his entourage, Please I am on my knees begging you not to eject me from Accra for ignorantly speaking Against your Festival called Homowo. I spoke out of ignorance. I am on my knees begging. Have Mercy on me. I’m deeply Sorry” This apology was recorded in a video format and posted on her official website, (

Evangelist Diana Asamoah who was earlier speaking on Religious and and Biblical beliefs, bashed the Ga Traditional Council for the celebration of Homowo. This has invited the bluff of the Ga Mantse and His Traditional Council who later on organized a press conference with threatens of ejecting or banishing her from Accra. It is with this regards that Evangelist Diana Asamoah is beseeching their forgiveness and has shown remorse with the claims that she didn’t mean her words.

Will the Ga Mantse and the Ga Traditional Council accept the apology and forgive her mistake? Trust McGregorINRI to update you on the emerging details.


Galamsey or small scale mining as we call it has been a menace that’s terrorizing our country Ghana. Ranging from the destruction of arable farmlands,vegetation to pollution of water bodies thereby making it unwholesome for human consumption and other industrial purposes. Our lands are also at mercy of erosion.

Racking our minds back, one could witness the fact that the incumbent government then made promises of championing the course of curbing the situation prior to the 2016 general elections of Ghana. Yes, the incumbent really did well by setting up Galamsey Fight taskforce to curb the situation but it seems the formidable forces of “galamseywere quite strong so “galamsey” wasn’t completely imprisoned.

Speaking on the May Day holiday edition programme”Adehye Nsoromma”, 3rd May 2021 on UTV Ghana which got monitored by, Mr. Kofi Akpaloo, the Leader cum 2020 Presidential candidate of the Liberal Party of Ghana( LPG) said, to his opinion the incumbent should rather put them under a union of two or three, LEGISLATE and REGULATE them accordingly. He continued his arguement that, he should order them supposing they are about 1000 Galamsey Kings or Queens by contributing for instance, a share of Ghc1000 × 1000 people each which amounts to Ghc1,000,000 thereabouts so as to create jobs and be able to compete with mining firms like New Mont which happens to be an American firm.

He concluded saying, by acting this way taxes, rates and break-evens shall remain in the country which aids revenue generation to the public purse rather than rendering people jobless. Considering this opinion, what’s your take on it?


Telecommunication giants of Africa and Ghana as a whole, MTN Ghana initiates slight changes in talk time and data volumes.

MTN Ghana announced through their Bulk SMS Service (text message) which was sent to almost every customer of theirs since Thursday 29th April 2021 which got monitored by says, “Dear valued customer, Following the introduction of the Covid-19 Health Recovery Levy, resulting in a 1% increase in the National Health Insurance Levy, your talk time/data volumes will be adjusted to reflect the tax change. This takes effect from 1st May 2021”.

This categorically explains that their customers talk time and data consumption taxes shall be slightly increased by 1% comes May 21st 2021. One could we witnessed that the Government of Ghana expanded its taxation volume to relieve the country from the rampages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The public is therefore admonished to take into consideration that their talk time/data volumes will witness such slight changes nationwide/nationally. Stay tuned for more updates.


It’s the mutual duty of every tertiary institution to organize graduation ceremony for its graduates. But as we are all the living witnesses of the rampages of the impact of COVID-19, this occasion couldn’t come off or got delayed. But finally the ceremony comes off on 29th of May 2021 at the auditorium of Mount Mary College of Education, Somanya E/R.

The delay of this ceremony has put the graduates in a jittery mood with the speculations that it might not come off. There have been a lot of rumours surrounding to when the graduation takes place, however, on the 27th of April 2021, an audio released by their former College President, Mr. Akafo Daniel which was monitored by states that intelligence was gathered by him from the administration of MOMACOE saying the graduation ceremony comes of on the 29th of May 2021. He further stated categorically that an official communication is to be released by their College Secretary by the close of the day.

Whereas, this ceremony is to be of combined batches, 2019 and 2020 graduates, as to which batch goes for the morning or afternoon session shall be detailed in the official communique to be released by the College Secretary.

However, a concern has been raised by the graduates that time and distance could prevent some from gracing the event, therefore a link shall be sent for them to fill in order to draw a consensus about the situation and the adequate preparation for the ceremony. So stay tuned for more updates


As the norm in Ghana holds, every new entrant to public institutions must wait for some months before accessing their salaries therefore, these newly posted teachers also suffered the same fate. Shortly some time ago, the news got disseminated by G.E.S that the last stage of the screening process; biometric exercise must commence for the teachers who got access to their STAFF IDs since it was released in batches. Happily this teachers got engaged in the biometric exercise amid patiently waiting for their salaries.

Just last week 19th of April 2021, validation was in and hurray slot was casted for the newly posted teachers to get validated and receive pay. According to sources, Controller and Accountant General Department of Ghana will activate payments to public servants from 26th of April 2021.

Therefore, if all things are equal newly posted teachers who did the biometric and got validated shall receive their much awaited salary. I hereby say congratulations to them beforehand. Stay tuned for more updates.


Barely some few weeks ago, Telecommunication Giants in Ghana and Africa as a whole MTN Ghana introduced their long announced Identity Card for Cash Out initiative on 2nd of April 2021. Prior to this implementation it has been announced for customers to be aware of their agenda, they therefore made customers to withdraw their monies from accounts they believed to not having proper details.

Although they’ve suffered a lot of backlash and threatens from customers they went ahead to implement their policy. They were of the reason that with the inclusion of ID Card for cash out it will help curb mobile money fraud.

Yes it’s a good idea but not so favourable for their mobile money agents since it slows down the transaction process. Again, most of the customers visit agents without ID cards for cash out transactions and when they got redirected by the agents that they must issue ID cards for cash out, the agents end up being the recipient of insults and abusive words.

Aside this, the cash out business has slowed down drastically to the disadvantage of the agents which states that profit can’t be maximized fully since most agents shifted to their rivals Vodafone Cash and AirtelTigo Cash. Agents therefore plead with MTN Ghana to organize a public education about the whole initiative very well to the customers.

By Amanfu Evans (McGregorINRI) 25th April 2021 Login to http://www.mcgregorinri.wordpress to access more news

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